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Species Speak Stanzas

Birds and Insects are important images in some of my poems: Birds: Ruby Throated Hummingbird: “Blind Hummingbird and Seeing Eye Moth” Great White Egret: “Fishing at Mill Woods” Grackle: “The Faithful” Tern: “Dark Inside” Cardinal: “Every Cardinal’s Peep” Robin: “To … Continue reading

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Poetry Movies – one you may have seen, one you may not

Il Postino – Italian 1994 – nominated for several categories of the Oscar, won two categories. This fictional account of Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda’s exile to an Italian island and his postal carrier who must pedal his bike up a … Continue reading

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More Movies, not so Quirky

Cowboys and Aliens– with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig Okay, I said this movie must be some kind of “B”movie, but I’ll watch it, for a lark. Well, guess what, it was a big surprise, Harrison Ford was serious and … Continue reading

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Indie/Quirky/Foreign Movies to Consider

Here are a few odd movies I have see lately. Surprisingly engaging and well done, with my comments and a link. Also a plug for the best independent movie theater in Connecticut, Real Art Ways in Hartford! Queen to Play … Continue reading

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Poems for a Snowy Day

Check out Poems for a Snowy Day… Icy Moments: “Frozen Motion“- “Frozen Movement“- “Frozen Transport“- Prelude to Winter “Late Autumn Crickets“- Spring is Coming “The Faithful“- Snowy Fantasia “Fireflies in Winter“-

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Favorite Coffee Cafes in the New Haven Area

Go to Bru, on Orange Street in New Haven across from the Federal Building, meet Curtis and the baristas, enjoy great coffee and treats and more, bring your laptop, enjoy visual art. It’s also. Also, go to, or … Continue reading

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For Connecticut Poetry Events

Go to Shoreline Cluster Poets at Also a good place to stretch your poetry feet!

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