More Movies, not so Quirky

Cowboys and Aliens– with Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig
Okay, I said this movie must be some kind of “B”movie, but I’ll watch it, for a lark. Well, guess what, it was a big surprise, Harrison Ford was serious and great, the sci fi was good and at the end of the day, it was a story about redemption.

My Reincarnation – documentary
Documentary about the son of a Buddhist monk who was brought up with his parents in Italy. The monk teaches Buddhism around the world, and the son works with IBM and pretty much does not want to have anything to do with “the family business”. He marries, has children, but then something happens, things change. A great true story, worth every minute.

American Splendor with Paul Giamatti and Hope Davis
This is a bio pic of writer Harvey Pekar’s life based on his autobiographical graphic novel series “American Splendor”. This is such a unique movie, with Harvey and his wife being themselves, Paul Giamatti acting in scenes as Harvey and Hope Davis acting as his wife. There are also scenes from the graphic novel and even an American Spendor play within the movie with Molly Shannon as Harvey’s wife. There are scenes with Harvey╒s co-workers being themselves and actors in other scenes from Harvey’s life. I am sorry, this movie is great, and not confusing as my review makes it out to be.

The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon
I think this may be Matt Damon’s best acting ever. The 1950s Cold War period is well portrayed during the story of the origin of the CIA and Matt Damon’s character, Edward Wilson. Matt conveys the era and the atmosphere superbly. states “Edward Wilson is most likely based on the life of James Jesus “Gray Ghost” Angleton, the head of Counterintelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency from 1954 to 1974. “


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One Response to More Movies, not so Quirky

  1. My Reincarnation sounds great. I may add it to Netflix right now.
    I watched “The Debt” last night, starring Helen Miren. Very well done.

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