Poetry Movies – one you may have seen, one you may not

Il Postino – Italian 1994 – nominated for several categories of the Oscar, won two categories.

This fictional account of Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda’s exile to an Italian island and his postal carrier who must pedal his bike up a mountain to deliver Neruda’s mail. The scenery is magnificent, and the poet helps the postman understand something about poetry. If you have never seen it, you should!

Poetry – Korean – 2010 –

This poem is about a 66 year old woman who enrolls in an adult education class on writing poetry, and goes to a couple of local poetry readings as well. What is amazing is how similar these these are to own local poetry gatherings and classes! She works as a health care person for a man with a stroke and her 15 year old grandson lives with her. All does not go well, the grandson does something that results in a female classmate committing suicide, casting a shadow over the rest of the movie. Also the grandmother has the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Also slightly “R” rated.Worth seeing for many reasons.


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