Valentine’s Day Observations

Let me know if one or more of these odes makes you think of Some One or Some Time… Poems include “Summer Becomes You” an ode to the flush of summer on fair skin, “Take Away Slumber’s Peace” an poem about restless nights and emotions…and more…

Spring comes
When the faintest of freckles
Bloom on your cheeks.

Summer comes after
On sun reddened arms,
Your nose peeled pink.

I wouldn’t know the day
But for the seasons you bring.

Fragrant as a rosey petal
Pungent as the thrashing sea
Softly smooth as moon’s white light
Falls upon you as you sleep.

Constant as the earth is ground
Or Changeling as if chrysalis sheathed
Leaving soon or leaving later
Takes away my slumber’s peace.

Noticing your mind has wandered
Your heart, a lure, drifts through the deep
While losing mine amidst the waters
Clouded in your shrouds of ink.

Fragrant as a rosey petal
Pungent as the thrashing sea
I lie on shore by thorny wild rose
And watch the ocean
Stay, then leave.

You shall be my Rosebud
For on my final day
Thought will tumble from my mind
And I will call your name.

“…these small things are mine forever.”
The Fugitive by Rabindranath Tagore

When laugh lines
Extend beyond fashionable
And shoulders appear
Somewhat round,
Your beautiful wickedness
Will still call me
To walk on to the end
Of our stranded days
With the rustle of leaves
The only heard sounds.

I timed my walking
With the rising of the eclipsed moon and the
Setting of the comet
So I would feel a part of some great
Celestial event
As I faced Venus head on, trees stood dark,
Branches like arms straining to reach her.

I timed my rising
With your rising, or when I imagined
Your rising would be,
Since just the day before
We laughed at how
We woke the same time the night before,
Unable to sleep.

I timed my smiling
With your smiling, which came so easily
With brows arched high above
Like shooting stars
That hang for a moment in the sky,
And vanish.

The idea of you
Has no crow’s feet,
Angry moments lack their sting
And moments of wonder
Seem immeasurable.

The idea of you
Has no crow’s feet,
And the ones by your eyes
Always rise with your smile.


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