Unique Indie or Indie-ish Musicians

You may or many not have heard of these musicians. If not, I suggest you listen to them. These are singer songwriters that have found a permanent and repeating place in my musical universe. They are poetic, poignant and sometimes funny. Let me know if you are a fan of any of those below, sometimes I think I am an audience of one up here in CT!

Alejandro Escovedo
I saw him at Johnny D’s in Davis Square, Boston a few years ago (a great venue getting great music introduced to me by my Brother Bob, thanks forever Bob!). Alejandro really entranced me with his songs from the album A Man Under the Influence. I noticed his current tour dates are all in Austin!! Any way, his Southwest indie type music and his wordsmith-ing is something great.

Jim’s Big EgoThey’re Everywhere
I specifically mention the They’re Everywhere album because every single darn song on this album is great. If you don’t shed a tear for “Love What’s Gone”, or laugh your head off at “(your an) Asshole”, well, I would be surprised.

Townes Van Zandt
Mr Van Zandt should be a household name, but sadly he is not, and even more sadly, he died in 1997. He plays his heart out on his guitar and in his songs. His words are cobbled together in a way that just rolls into your ear and tumbles around. Nice stuff covered by too many musicians to mention.

Ed’s Redeeming Qualities
Did you ever hear a group that somehow has managed to make every song they write connect with you in a significant way. I cannot think of one song in the group’s pretty long song list that is not funny, quirky, silly, or  bittersweet. I have all of their albums, about five I guess. Once again, thanks to Brother Bob for introducing me to Ed’s! I guess the first song he got me to listen to was about someone named Bob. More Bad Times falls into the bittersweet category, with a wish and wanting to even spend more bad times with a lost companion. Lawn Dart mourns the end of lawn dart sales, funny…! Lighthouse is about a kid at the beach trying to get the attention of someone just trying to be left alone with the sea, great song! Some have covered their songs. Calexico did a very great version of  Driving on  9. Christmas in Vermont is about spending Christmas alone at a diner, you just know you have been there! I am guessing that I may one of the few  fans to have seen them play on both coasts, in Boston and then in Santa Rosa, California, where I happened to be on a work trip. I first saw them on a Mall tour in Connecticut, probably in the mid 90s. The group split up but recently (2011) had a reunion concert in Boston. I used to treat/torment my kids with their albums on our summer vacation 5 hour trip up to Maine. I think by this time they have memorized all of the songs. I was sorry when they split up, but their songs live on, digitally. You can hear them on YouTube and their CDs are still available. The web site link above will get you to some of their work.


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