Cubes, Squares and Padded Rooms – Cubicle Life –

Share some comments or poems of your life among the “cubes”.

Enjoy a few poems about these padded cages  includes “Alien Concepts” which considers the unworldly nature of the cube world, “All the News” considers movements about the office for all to observe… and other poems considering office space… of course, you have to watch the movie Office Space for a good laugh too…

Rectangular doors
Framed by rectangular doorways
Square rug tiles
Padding padded cubicle cubes
Desks and windows
all right angles and corners
Accented by occasional
Circles of saucers, cups and clocks.

Tiny tube snakes of wire crawling on the floor,
Fluorescence lights from above,
Gas tubes in translucent cages

What is this place!

Yellow slickered men
Dig holes as it rains watched by
The suits up above.

Everything that is news
Fits into a stream of bits
read into my eyes
And blown into my ears.

Even you are news to me,
A kind of bland, pasty announcement
On a slow moving day
That includes only a moment
Or two of interest to me

Followed by a blank look
as I hear the elevator bell ring
And wonder who is coming
Down the aisle now.

Now, that is news!
Who could it be?
Someone without news
Who quietly slides behind a desk.

My eyes turn back to you
And realize that another bit
Of your life may be of consequence to me,
if I listen carefully.

But, I cannot,
And return to a chair that swivels
And a desk with papers
And news on the phone
Left by people who could not wait
And news delivered on paper
And news on a computer screen,
None of which seems to be
News to me.

Fourteen hours
In various rooms,
At home with three people
I am.

Eight hours
With six or so more,
Grey and beige cubicles
Eight by ten.

Two hours
Between work and home
Or walking the city
Together or alone.

How few are the places
I move through
And few are the people
Who challenge my eyes
With galloping glances
Of mystery.

Yet another day of drear
Sat or seated here
By windows hung too high
To ever catch a glimpse of anything not sky.

Sunbeams may slip through
In golden ones or twos,
Emptied desks reflecting Sun
But never rising Moon.

Glow softly,
Make the ocean close,
The whisper pines too near,
The salting foamy roar smash into the air,
I am gone though I am here.

“While I nodded, nearly napping,
suddenly there came a tapping,
as of someone gently rapping,
rapping at my chamber door.”
From The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe

I watched the gentle tappings
And the pixellated rappings
Pointillistically spell
Words within and out of reason
From the silent cyber-well.

The piece of glass between us
And the miles of wire screened us
From each other’s voices screaming
With humanity and seething
With the life of every cell.

More words appeared like scratches
Of a cat’s claw from the blackness
That resides behind the screen
Reaching out to scrape a message
Barely close to what is felt.

When switched off they disappear
Lost somewhere or everywhere
Like radio to deepest space
Connected meanings lose their face,
The unknown source of breaths exhaled.


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2 Responses to Cubes, Squares and Padded Rooms – Cubicle Life –

  1. Dana says:

    Thank you for sharing your poetry with me. I like the phrase, padding padded cubicle cubes. It’s impossible not to think of another type of padded cell! I also like the use of contrasting geometry and you described it as both a familiar and foreign place at the same time. I read An Accounting as well, I could make out the sound of a ticking clock. One thing I always think about cubicle life is that we spend more time in them than with those we love. Hmm something else to write about : ) Thank you again, you’re a prolific writer and I look forward to reading more.

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