Travel Poems: New York City !!

New York City is unique and traveling in and out on the train brings a rattle and shake to poetic moments. Poems include “Emergeance” from the dark train tunnel, “Mice Before Cats Crossing” is a comic look at crossing the New York streets…and others.

Rattle on tracks
Out of a hole of darkness
Into the pink sky sunset
Of bricked apartments,
Shards of window
Glow on the edge
Of night.

The Walk Signs
And the Stop Lights
Work well in New York
Where people Yield
Then Proceed
Like Mice before
Cats crossing.

Park the car on level eight then
Elevator to the station,
Buy a ticket on the run,
Down the escalator, find Track One,
Up more stairs, I’m on the train,
Soon it will all start again.

In two hours we arrive,
escalate down, it’s almost nine,
Run my ticket through the slot,
Through the turnstile, never stop.

Subway to Fulton, up the stairs,
Walk three blocks, meeting there,
Show ID, eleventh story,
Down long corridors, one marked for me.

Meeting’s over, now it’s four,
Down to the lobby, revolving door,
On through a harried mall,
Maze of stores and shopping stalls,
Out three blocks and through the streets,
Is this a kind of weird track meet?

Check in now, get my key
Look bedraggled, yes it’s me.
Up twenty floors, unlock the lock,
Take a bath and just stop.

(Written before 9/11/01 on going through the mall below the World Trade Center to stay
at the Marriott Hotel )

“This Land is Your Land”
on the train to New York City
passing through the detritus of Connecticut.

“Do the Locomotion with Me”
on the subway, watching the dance
as passengers enter and leave.

“Pachelbel Canon”
reviewing the Orchid Society Show,
was it in the Musak anyway?

Hang around any train station,
Bus station or subway
And count the number
Of people talking to themselves.

They cannot make sense
Of this world it seems.

Then think about people
You work with
That seem to be
Quite hazy about…

What a mix of chemicals
We are, each a different cocktail,
And some just don’t help
Make sense of the world.

Subway NYC


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