Moods on a Rainy Day

I took the photo below at Haro Straits, which separates the San Juan Islands in Washington State from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The grey striations of the clouds mimicked the mist covered low lying islands of Vancouver and the sea mimicked them both. The photo is good background for rainy day poems I thought. This day ended up being grey, but not so gloomy, since I got to see a pod of whales swim by at Lime Kiln Point State Park on the west side of the island!

I was alone again,
Thunder was my friend,
Lightning was my sky
As it flashed and caught my eye.

Rain drifted from the clouds
Through nighttime’s humid shroud,
Embracing me in darkness now.

Fireflies seemed profligate,
Their light brighter in the night
Made darker by the storm’s
Rolling flight across the town
With rolling rumbling tumbling sounds.

I was alone again,
Barefoot on the porch,
In darkness and the rain
In a fog of floating sorrow,
Almost midnight,
Almost tomorrow.

Rain, rain, rain all day,
Turn the leaves to mush,
Slick down every roadway,
Dampen every bush.

Cast the sky with your gray net,
Toss it like a veil,
Woven of wet kisses
Within a blustery gale.

And after you have blown away
Or slowly drifted off,
The kisses will remain as tears
Whose dripping falls so soft.

Rain on my feet,
Thunder in the sky, light’ning
Dazzling sparks in my eyes.

Japanese maple
Speaks to the wind, whispering,
Twittering, waving its limbs.

Rain on my feet and
Breeze on my toes, settling
Arguments that I propose.

The wind was cold
And full of rain
That drifted and fell,

It blew and blustered
Through the trees
In fits and starts,

The sky at night was cloudy
But not dark,
Glowing with the city lights,

Bring on the torrent,
Bring on the gale,
Stop toying oh so

Remnants of
The wasted storm
Dissolved into the night,
The screen door slammed
As you left.


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