Moon Beams Talk! (moon poems)

Several poems influenced by moonlight, or affected by the moon at night looking down on us?! Poems include “An Imitation of Wholeness” about the apparent emptying and filling out of the monthly moon, “Connecticut River Valley” shows the moon and sun in opposition to each other, and others

The waxing Gibbous moon
Bulges almost full in the West
Like a heart disfigured
In an imitation of wholeness.

The waxing Gibbous moon
Bulges almost full in the West
Soon to be renewed.

Oh Moon, you rose up in the East,
Just slightly seen,
Where gentle hills and sky must meet.

Opposing you Sun barely hung,
Its reddish rays
Turned greening trees to burnt autumn.

For a moment the glowing discs
Watched each other
Across the river, as one slips
Below the edge, leaving the night
For pale full Moon
To shine on me with Sun’s starlight.

The moon’s face was slightly eaten
Away, reflecting on you
Triangulating me,
With only the pale light to bind.

Lunacy they called it
That night, but how could sunlight
Transform, beating down craters and sand
Before bouncing off our faces.

It’s the same light of day
Dilute one hundred times,
Sketching just outlines
And shadows of night.

Like the stars sketch
The outline of the shape
Of depth indeterminate
And width beyond sight.

And the light of them all
Faintly floated above,
Like a veil.

The moon was low.
Its bright face smacked its lips when it saw you
In the light of its frozen smile, pale as death,
Moving from window to window,
Checking each lock, then returning to bed
To arrange the blankets, pillows and sheets
So you could find your proper place among them.
The moon was down.

When she said she could not love
He sought counsel of the Moon above
Who looked on down with cratered eyes
And said, “Why ask me,
I have no chin, nor legs or arms
nor feet or hands
I’m just a head without a stand.”

“Why ask you?” he said that night,
“Because we shared your evening light
And smelled dew in your early morn’
And felt the frost even as it formed,
We watched you rise and saw you set
We saw planets move about your head.”

“Didn’t you watch us as we held
Each other close beneath yourself
And make some sense of what we did
Or take some notes on each night’s kiss
Or learn about us holding hands
And the warmth of her smooth skin?”

When it came to “could not love”
What had shifted in the stars above,
Why had the world just tilted so
That love spilled out, I don’t know.

When she said she could not love
The cratered eyes seemed paler then,
The night sky seemed an empty place,
He do not know either if he could again.


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