Travel Poems: In the Air!

Some poems about planes, planes and more planes and thoughts that occur while up in the air!! What are yours? Poems include “Predicament” about the effects of the the unfelt ( usually ) of flying, “Some Purpose” about returning to Earth figuratively and literally and “Still Don’t Know Why” …

His cells fly
Three thousand miles
In six hours
While he sits
And wonders why
He feels worn out, a rag,
And wrung out to dry.

All the papers
That passed through his fingers
And are read
By eyes before and after
And before and after his,
Read themselves to him
In his sleep-working.

There is safety in the numbers
That collate around him
In the white silence.

While smothered in particulars,
He struggles to remember
The next task to perform in the series of tasks
That end in a not too distant pointless
Convergence on his horizon.

As I floated by the clouds,
Patches of sun shone below
On the hills and on the snow,
Coming to land after being so high,
Coming to Earth from the sky.

To hit the tarmac,
To taxi slow,
To dock at the gate
And unload
To go to the garage and get the car
And pay a fee just to park?

Now that I am of the Earth
Am I here for some purpose?
Is it that I must now walk
From the car after being away
to wash wrinkled clothing from my stay?

We spoke to strangers who sat nearby
And told them stories of where and why
We flew so far and flew so high,
We told stories to pass the time.

We gazed at clouds and storms and snow
And Monument Valley’s long shadows,
No one knew anyone, we were each unknown
Yet we talked and talked, some of going home.

We left still strangers, to go to work,
Or to play,
Or to search for new strangers
To tell new stories to pass the time
As time passes by,
We still don’t know why.


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