Kate Rusby…. Traditional music from the UK… a Wonder

Kate Rusby is a wonder of a traditional gaelic English singer. She rarely leaves the UK, but luckily I once saw her at the University of Hartford, about 15 years ago. She is a petite person. Her voice though, seems to come from somewhere else, with truth and resonance that brings a depth to the wonderful songs she sings. She has several albums, my favorite is  Hourglass, but the others maintain the same level of passion and artistry. Try the links below to listen.

My favorite songs on Hourglass are:

Annan Waters-per the liner notes:
“This is a song from the Scottish Borders. The river Annan… was often the scene of tragic accidents, where lovers on opposite banks tried unsuccessfully to reach each other…”

A Rose in April-per the liner notes:
“This is a song written by me on a common theme in traditional music. The parents of a courting couple try to separate them with tragic repercussions.”

A short portion of the song;
“I was a rose in April
And still a rose in June
I fear that come the winter
I shall no longer bloom.”

I Am Stretched On Your Grave– per the liner notes:
“The words of this song are from an anonymous Irish-gaelic poem.”

A short portion of the song:
“I am stretched on your grave
and I’ll lie her for ever.
If your hands were in mine
I’d be sure they would not sever.
My apple tree, my brightness,
it’s time we were together,
for I smell of the earth
and I’m worn by the weather.”

I find this song similar in the feeling and subject in the contemporary folk-rock group, the Decemberists‘ song “Yankee Bayonet“.


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