Johnson Crossroads Rock…Appalachian style, with Garry Segal on blues harp!

Yep, that’s my brother, Garry Segal, (formerly of Garry and the Mood Swingers from CT and the To Dye For Band) playing blues harp with the group Johnson Crossroads from Ashville, NC. Check it out. The media button on their web site puts you right into a concert! It’s the real deal, real roots music!!

Let them speak for themselves, from their site:

Johnson’s Crossroad has been described by friends and fans as everything from Appalachian Soul” to “Hillbilly Metal.” The band blends blues, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, and Appalachian Old Time for a sound that The Daily Times’ Steve Wildsmith calls “both mournful and jubilant, breezy and graveyard serious.” He goes on to comment that frontman Paul Johnson’s voice “barely rises above a growl, but he stretches that sound to encompass the experience of a train-hopping hobo and the wisdom of an old man recalling loves lost and wars fought from the porch of a backwoods cabin.”’

About Garry by Chris Weller from Johnson Crossroads web site:

“The man is an incredibly gifted musician – and a harmonica player. We were honored to have him as our guest in the studio at Blue Ridge Big Sky Music to lay tracks for two songs on the new album. Watching the man work was a real treat. And when I say work, I mean work. It’s not like he just stepped into the studio and jammed for two songs-worth of warbling and raunchy blues licks. Not at all. The man was prepared. Practiced, rehearsed, ready. He had studied our songs, and knew exactly what he could offer to complement them. He added legitimate parts that added flavor and depth to the songs in significant ways. There was something calculated and studious about it, not at all how I had previously observed the breadth of harmonica playing.

The man can blow.”

Go, Go, Garry and Johnson Crossroads!!!


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