Zippy and Bill “Are We Having Fun Yet ?” Griffith – Favorite Comic Strip

By far my favorite comic strip is Zippy (master of the non sequitur) by Bill Griffith. Links to some of my favorite Zippy strips and my comments are below.

I liked the 08/26/07 strip because it mentions Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein, probably the first and only mention of them in a comic strip.

The 06/22/03 strip uses a merry-go-round as a metaphor for our crazy life and the joy of it.

The 11/30/03 strip shows Zippy is so “scared straight” by a talking rooster head mounted on top of a car that he is now able to understand the “I.R.S. Tax Codes”. Ha Ha… not so funny for those of us who have to do it for a living though!

For bowling enthusiasts, Zippy uses bowling as a metaphor for achieving Buddha-like awareness in the 07/01/07 strip. Take that Ten Pin detractors!!!

Another probable first, a strip quoting Thoreau, on 04/27/08  uses Zippy’s odd habits to illustrate someone hearing “… a different drummer”. Can’t get a more different drummer than Zippy!

Okay, where can you get a comic strip discussing quantum physics and poetry. The 12/28/11 strip does this. I like it!!

Lastly, here is a strip that I carry around with me for some reason, way back from 1993. I could not find in on Zippy’s web site ( sorry Bill ) so I had to scan it and place it below. Existential dilemma in a nutshell?


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