Booklist review magazine of “Deep Waters” anthology

See great review from the magazine Booklist of the “Deep Water” anthology by Outrider Press below. My poem Three Worlds is included in that anthology.

Issue: October 1, 2012 
Deep Waters.
Scott, Whitney (Editor)
Oct 2012. 150 p. Outrider, paperback, $18.95. (9780971290396). 800.

In the latest Black and White title from Outrider Press—a rich collection of poetry, fiction, memoirs, and essays—award-winning authors focus on water as a source of beauty and devastation, emotion and reason, practicality and abandon. Visions of water as a conduit for solitude give way to torrents of expression as a woman’s stroll through summer rain shifts from carefree to threatening; a New Yorker’s dream of liberation yields to a frantic, then lonely journey across a lake, and a young child staying at her neighbor’s house confronts a battering storm. Other pieces focus on dialogues between the physical and figurative, particularly when a single mother, inexperienced in rafting, follows her boyfriend into the headwaters of Alaska. One tale follows a venture-capitalist associate as he takes indoor swimming lessons and uncovers an unusual connection between his instructor and his boss. Another documents the end of a relationship in echoes across a lake. Editor Scott offers a balanced progression of the elements found in both water’s calm and its disorder.

— Leah Strauss


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