Clearing the Air

My mind has been a-buzz lately, rarely at rest.

Traveling for work to Ogden Utah, Florence Kentucky, Atlanta Georgia, going to New Jersey for Thanksgiving then hosting another Turkey day here in Connecticut.

Yet during all the buzzing around, I am always thinking, all of these activities require lots of watching, looking and thinking all the time.

Like… watching departure times, arrival times, figuring out how to get to a new place, being at a new place, remembering what floor, what room number… lots of things to remember. Reminds me of my poem, New Haven – New York Shuffle:



Park the car on level eight then
Elevator to the station,
Buy a ticket on the run,
Down the escalator, find Track One,
Up more stairs, I’m on the train,
Soon it will all start again.

In two hours we arrive,
escalate down, it’s almost nine,
Run my ticket through the slot,
Through the turnstile, never stop.

Subway to Fulton, up the stairs,
Walk three blocks, meeting there,
Show ID, eleventh story,
Down long corridors, one marked for me.

Meeting’s over, now it’s four,
Down to the lobby, revolving door,
On through a harried mall,
Maze of stores and shopping stalls,
Out three blocks and through the streets,
Is this a kind of weird track meet?

Check in now, get my key
Look bedraggled, yes it’s me.
Up twenty floors, unlock the lock,
Take a bath and just stop.


What are all of these things I had to remember that clutter my mind?

Time to clear them out. Time to meditate and settle down.

Maybe between now and January 1, during that crazy month of December we should take some time each day for some quiet time that is not TV, DVD,CD or movie time.

I saw a bumper sticker today, “Don’t Believe Everything Your Mind Tells You!”

Which ties out to what Rinpoche posted on this very day also:

‎”Therefore, because these sensations of happiness and suffering we experience are mind,
they are completely changeable.”

Enjoy the rest of the days of 2012. I hope to post more poetry or observations soon.


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