Kiss Me, I’m Sentient!!

The events of the past few days (30″ snowfall from Winter Storm “Nemo” in Connecticut, meteor strike in Russia) have pushed me ever closer to realizing of how lucky we are to be Aware, versus just blown about like snowflakes or on a mindless (?) trajectory like a meteor! I have had help with these inspirations also with the recent webcast on the Buddhist “Three Jewels” by Khentrul Lodrö Thayé Rinpoche.

My grandson visited me the other day, he is 2 months old, and he was there on my couch lying on his back, smiling to beat the band.  I was guessing he was thinking “Yay! I made it, I’m Sentient! Whoo Hoo!!”

So how best to use this special case of being? Well, for starters, maybe not do stuff that drags a person away from awareness into a non-aware state.  Everything distracts from “being here now“, eating, television, and reading for example. Those things are not going away, at least for me, but appreciating this special case of being… is a start?


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