3 articles on Mind Management in the New York Times – 2/22/13

You can’t always get what you want.

I was surprised to find an article in the Travel section of the New York Times today, Finding Your Own Cone of Silence by Stephanie Rosenbloom, that deals with managing noise on trains and airplanes. Former Tibetan Buddhist  monk Andy Puddicombe was interviewed  ( see his work at www.headspace.com ).  Our  frustration is caused,  says Mr. P, by the gap between what we want ( quiet ) and what is  happening ( a child screaming ). The solution is to accept what is, (mindful meditation)  and we will be less upset by our situation.  I tried this on a long line at a tiny grocery store, and found it to be helpful.

You shouldn’t always eat what you are told to.

In the Magazine section today, the article by Michael Moss subtitled, How the Processed-food Industry Creates and Keeps Selling Their Crave. Several industry executives are interviewed and the focus on getting customers addicted to their food is primary to marketing food. Not a big surprise, but the extent of this activity is astounding. We should be mindful of this, especially when the former chief scientist for Frito-Lay, Robert Lin says “I feel so sorry for the Public.”

Maybe you can be content with what you want.

Also in the Magazine section today, Claire Hoffman interviewed Film Director David Lynch in the article, David Lynch is back… This article is about the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace (DLFCBEWP?). Lynch is promoting Transcendental Meditation because “Mother Nature is very, very happy when people stop suffering and move things forward in a beautiful way.” This article is a small step in moving things forward in a beautiful way.


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