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Mourning Glove, … new poem

I slipped on my mourning glove As dawn approached from above And night seeped away to the West Through trees and grasses. I slipped on my mourning glove That fit so smoothly onto my hand, Its softness like my own … Continue reading

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The Day the Cicadas Died, a Poem

THE DAY THE CICADAS DIED By Don Segal They sat on a park bench, She had cried, Watching how the cicadas died. Some still struggled, One jumped on his shoe, Others just twitched, Their death rattle gone, That’s all they … Continue reading

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A rich description of life as a Dog by Lord Dunsany

I saw the movie, My Talks with Dean Spanley, and found it quite a fanciful movie about a man who under the influence of a lot of wine, recalls his life as a dog. I found that it was based on … Continue reading

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