14th (1929) edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica – Who wrote it?

What follows is a listing of authors I recognized who wrote articles for this edition of the Britannica:

US History
Andrew Mellon – US Secretary of Treasury
General John J. Pershing – US Army
Alfred E. Smith – Governor of New York

T.E. Lawrence – on guerilla warfare (Lawrence of Arabia)

Louis Untermeyer
C.K. Chesterton
Stephen Leacock
H.L. Mencken

Philosophy and Psychology (interesting grouping D.Segal)
E. Husserl
E. L. Thorndike

Physical and Biological Sciences
Niels Bohr – nuclear physics
Sir Ernest Rutherford – xrays
A.A. Michelson – speed of light-professor- at Clark University, Worcester MA
George EastmanEastman Kodak
Albert Einstein– quantum theory

George Bernard Shaw
General Sir Robert Baden-Powell – founded Boy Scouts

Next blog will be samples of interesting content of Vol. 1!


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