Encyclopedia Britannica – 1929 14th edition… beats Google or Wikipedia!

Yes in some ways having a hardcopy volume has its advantages over Google or Wikipedia,  you can browse and find information  you would have never known ( and some you never cared to know ) and all in alphabetic order. That information is also not subject to changes made ” on the fly” on the internet, they are in effect “written in stone” or rather in ink on paper!

Anyways, the 1929 version is the 14th edition.  The 1st edition was written in 1768 when as the Preface says, “The Thirteen Colonies, with Canada, were still an integral pert of the Old Empire and the English-speaking world was undivided.” Ah, those were the good old, old days!

I happened upon it at the Old Saybrook Connecticut dump where I was making a deposit with my Father. Yes that is right, some guy was unloaded these 22 volumes out of his car to go into the dumpster and I asked him if I could have them, so they went right from his car into mine. I have carried them around for about 20 years.  It is missing volume 16, so if you have a spare volume 16 laying around or want to sell, let me know!

What I did not know until my Uncle Bob Schermer told me was that this edition was the last edition where the articles were authored by the current subject matter experts.

So what I plan to do in in the next few blogs is take you through Volume 1, A to Anno,  and describe items of interest. These may include anachronisms, unusual words, arcane subjects and the unusual and highly qualified article authors.

This edition was “Dedicated by Permission to the Two Heads of the English-Speaking Peoples, Herbert C. Hoover President of the United States of America and His Majesty George the Fifth King of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas and Emperor of India.”

My how things have changed.

That is it for my first introductory installment, stay tuned ( Do people actually “tune“ in for anything anymore? Isn’t that an anachronism??) for more!


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One Response to Encyclopedia Britannica – 1929 14th edition… beats Google or Wikipedia!

  1. Bob Nicholson says:

    Enjoyed your article on EB 14th edition. 45,000 articles, 15,000 illustrations of which 1,500 are full plates. About 3500 named contributors. Got this info from iwiki – FYI

    I got my set from an elementary school almost 4 decades ago. Can’t beat holding a volume of EB which has stopped time and told the stories…

    Take Care,

    Bob Nicholson
    St. Simons Island, Georgia

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