Vocabulary – Encyclopedia Britannica – 1929 – Vol 1 – A-Anno

Vocabulary – Encyclopedia Britannica – 1929 – Vol 1 – A-Anno

As I alluded to in the first of this series of excerpts (this is the 7th) from the EB 1929,  I find “anachronisms, unusual words, arcane subjects” in my travels through the first volume, up to page 162 out of 999 fact filled pages!

Acatalepsy – from the Greek, is the position that the human mind has no direct apprehension of material objects. Sounds like a disease but it is the human condition!

Acceptilation – from the Romans and Scots, a verbal release of a verbal obligation. Interesting.

Accidentalism – a system of thought that denies causal nexus, events succeed each other by chance. What a chaotic situation that would be.

Acosmism – coined by the philosopher Hegel. Denies the independent reality of a world of finite objects and events and regards God as the sole ultimate reality. Seems to be tied to Acatalepsy and very Buddhist in nature.

Accuminate – sharpened or pointed, usually used in describing plants, but has been used in poetry.

Addled Parliament – this session met on April 6, 1614 for 2 months and never passed a bill due to violent arguments. It was dissolved by King James I and was not called back into session for 7 years. Wow, some things never change!!!

I noticed that all of the above vocabulary have red lines under them in Microsoft Office Word, indicating that they are either spelled wrong or are not in the dictionary. I checked each word and in fact none of them are in the Word dictionary.


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