Possible Scrabble words from 14th Ed. Encyclopedia Britannica

In my tour through Volume 1 of the EB, I found rarely used words (possibly good for Scrabble) or at least rarely used by me as well as one Hungarian poet!

Adit – a horizontal tunnel made from the surface to a seam of mineral (coal) also called a daydrift, dayhole, sough (lead).

Adscript – a peasant basically owned by the land, if the land is sold, the peasant goes with the land.

Aestivation – I should have heard of this word but it is hibernation in the summer, which I guess some animals do where it is hot!

Affray – Breaking the peace and terrorizing the King’s subjects.

Affreightment – Payment for the carriage of goods by water as in “a contract of affreightment”.

And finally,  a Hungarian poet, Endre Ady (1877-1919). He was pictured on Hungarian paper money in 1975:

File:HUF 500 1975 obverse.jpg

 One of his poems follows:

Autumn Passed Through Paris

Autumn slipped into Paris yesterday,
came silently down Boulevard St Michel,
In sultry heat, past boughs sullen and still,
and met me on its way.

As I walked on to where the Seine flows by,
little twig songs burned softly in my heart,
smoky, odd, sombre, purple songs. I thought
they sighed that I shall die.

Autumn drew abreast and whispered to me,
Boulevard St Michel that moment shivered.
Rustling, the dusty, playful leaves quivered,
whirled forth along the way.

One moment: summer took no heed: whereon,
laughing, autumn sped away from Paris.
That it was here, I alone bear witness,
under the trees that moan.

Endre Ady

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