Pete Seeger and Phil Ochs

It was a sad day when Pete Seeger died this week, I certainly cannot add anything to all of the memories that have spilled out since he passed away. I did see him play once in a Borders Music (!) in Farmington CT about 20 years ago. It was great to see such an icon of folk music and environmentalism in such a small venue. What I found interesting today, in the New York Times, was an article by Jesse Wegman. Pete Seeger apparently was with Phil Ochs, my favorite folk singer of the 60s/70s one rainy evening in New York City. Pete was torn between staying with Phil, who was depressed, and making the train home. Pete chose to get on the train, and Phil committed suicide shortly thereafter. It was 1976. Pete regretted not talking to Phil that night, even until last September when this story  was told to Neil Young by Mr. Seeger on the night of Pete Seeger’s last performance. After Pete Seeger died, Neil told the story to Mr. Wegman…. “There but for fortune, may go you or I.


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