A Casual Birder’s “Big Year”

Snow Bunting         Horned Lark

© Dwanyejava         © Gerrit Vyn



I have been a casual, situational birder since grammar school, meaning, if I see a bird in my travels, I try to identify it.

This was My Big Year ( a movie, and see The Big Year, a book), I saw three new species this winter, all at Hammonasset Beach State Park in Clinton, CT. A snowy owl managed to find its way down here from the arctic as did some snow buntings. The buntings partnered with a flock of horned larks. Not really in the big leagues of birding, but so be it.

For some reason, birds are also a recurring images in my poems. Why, I don’t know, maybe because they fly away. Here are links to some of those poems:

So Softly

The Faithful

To Wake

The Piper

Fishing at Mill Woods

Thistle Seed


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