Children’s TV Shows of the 50s that still haunt…



Commando Cody-BB




Farmer Gray/Al Falfa – with music, no vocals, by Paul Terry and Terrytoons.

I kindly refer you to: Cartoonscrapbook which has a great short listing of these early silent cartoons (with music though)  that resurfaced in the 1950s on TV usually early in the day or late at night. A good college friend said that these silent cartoons gave him night mares! I just thought they were goofy.

Here is a link to one of the cartoons: Mouse’s Bride from 1928.

Here is an earlier, more crudely drawn one from 1916, Farmer Al Falfa sees New York… Simply drawn and stories that somehow keep your interest… and a window into the past.

Winky Dink

This is the show that Bill Gates called the first interactive television show.

The MC, Jack Barry, told the kids to trace the figures that he put on the screen, you could buy a whole kit with tracing cellophane to do this.

Jack Barry went on to a checkered life in television ( Concentration, Tic Tac Doh) including being involved in the game show Twenty One scandal publicized in the movie Quiz Show.

Another interesting fact about Winky Dink, the TV voice was none other than Mae Questel, the cartoon voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl!

While the show was on the air from 1953 to 1957, it was apparently syndicated from 1969-1973!

Here is a link to one part of one episode

Winky Dink Episode.

Commando Cody-Skymarshall of the Universe

Note, it is Command – “O” Cody, not to be confused with Command-“ER” Cody, one of my favorite rock and roll bands ( Hot Rod Lincoln ). Follow the link to his web site though for some great music!

I loved this show, even made my own helmet and fake jet packs and jumped off my picnic table, into the … grass, but for me it was the sky!

Here is the first installment called:

Radar Men from the Moon! Watch that guy fly!


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