Don Segal-20 years of Published Poetry, a Retrospective.-the 1990s.

I realized that I have been published for 20 years, and that maybe a retrospective is in order. So, first the poems that were published in the 1990s. Many of the publications are no longer in existence, but if I am wrong, let me know if they are still out there!! And thanks to those publishers for placing my early work!


Published – Winter 1995
Cherry Street Press, c/o Mark Hoehner, P.O. box 278, Alamo, CA


I wrote this in college, Clark University, sometime in 1971-72. Apparently Cherry Street Press is no longer in existence.



Published June, 1996
Short Stories Bi-Monthly, ed. Gunvor Skogsholm,
5713 Larchmont Dr., Erie PA


Apparently Short Stories Bi-Monthly is no longer in existence, but Gunvor apparently ( per the internet) still lives at the same address and is 76 years old.


Yet Another Small Magazine – A Journal of Poetry, Andrew Mountain Press,
P.O. Box 340353, Hartford, CT



Yet Another Small Magazine and Andrew Mountain Press are no longer in existence. I wrote this at Sunset Cabins at the north end of Lake Damariscotta in Maine, a place I used to go for long weekends to write. Highly recommend it’s rustic cabins and closeness to the lake shore (10 feet), cabins facing due West.


June, 1999

Creative Juices, ed. Geraldine Powell, Forestland Publications, 423 N. Burnham Hwy., Canterbury, CT


Clever words tangled
Together and spoken
In a logical sounding tone
Almost made sense.

I rejoiced when I spoke
Before several people
And the sound was eloquence
And not incompetence.

The sound of my voice
Takes time to reach my ear
And I can listen to its timbre
While I wait for the next words
To make their way to consciousness
And meander into vocality.

Soon words will be strung out
Like bubbles of a frog
Swimming under water
That pop to the surface
Every few inches
So slowly that even I will not remember
What I meant to say.


Creative Juices and Forestland Publications do not seem to exist anymore, but it seems that Geraldine Powell has published some poetry on…if it is the same person?


November, 1999
The New Monhegan Press, Monhegan Island, Maine

(Monhegan Island)

Autumn rain splashing on the sidewalk
Reminds me of muddy puddles
On the road of high-stacked lobster traps.

Sounds of leaves rattling on old oaks
Are chased away
By whispers of Cathedral Woods.

Within the whirlwind of working, rushing,
Chatter and distress,
A steaming lobster teases out
Remembered sea smells of Lobster Cove,
And renews.


New Monhegan Press is mentioned at, but I am not sure it is still in existence. Monhegan Island, Maine is definitely my favorite place. I have visited it many times starting in 1971, lastly in 2010. It is about 1 hour boat ride off of Port Clyde, Maine and is an artist colony and vacation spot, with no vehicles allowed except for a couple of pick up trucks for hauling. I cannot say enough, just go there, this poem does not do it justice.


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