Don Segal-20 years of Published Poetry, a Retrospective; into the 21st Century!

Here are the poems from 2000-2010. Almost all of these publishers are still in business, check out their sites, click on the poem link or just read the shorter poems I printed !

June, 2000
Waterways, 393 St. Pauls Avenue, Staten Island, NY

Train Window


Waterways, is still publishing and the theme for 2014/15 is poetry reflecting the photographs of Barbara Fisher. My poem below was written on they way home from NYC.


Fall, 2001
Bottle Rockets, P.O. Box 189, Windsor CT 06095

A Rose Nonetheless

dropping your leaves
naked and thorny-
a rose nonetheless


Bottle Rockets, is still publishing “haiku, senryu and small poems.”


Winter 2001

The Small Pond Magazine of Literature, ed. Napoleon St. Cyr, P.O. Box 664,Stratford, CT



The Small Pond Magazine was a literary magazine published by Napoleon St. Cyr in Stratford, Connecticut from 1963 to 1999. The magazine and related papers and correspondence are archived at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University. This poem is “found poetry” I created from an article in Harpers Magazine from 1858. I never met Mr. St. Cyr, but always appreciated the comments he had for the poems I submitted and enjoyed his “Editors Line” segment in each issue.


January 2002

European Judaism, Leo Baeck College, Kent House, Rutland Gardens, London SW7 1BX, England

Raising the Dead


European Judaism is the Journal of Leo Baeck College published by Berghahn Books and the Michael Goulston Education Foundation.

I wrote this poem about the poet Mani Leib, who was my Great Uncle’s brother in law as well as my Grandfather’s favorite poet.


May 2002

Off the Coast – P.O. Box 14, Robbinston, ME 04671


Name me your face
And I’ll match it
To the faces of other names
Spelled the same
Like a friend
Whose name you share
And lives again
Each day I greet you.

Nameless faces too,
Each time I pass by you
On the corner,
You look more like
A name I think I know,
Yet could not.

So many lives repeat with each
Repeating name or face
In my coincidental life.


March 2003

The Aurorean, P.O. Box 187, Farmington, ME 04938

The Faithful


December 2005

Hummingbird Press


Darkened stoplights
Allow exercise
Of innate politeness
As one after another
Lets the other
Go before.


Hummingbird Press was founded in 1990 by Phyllis Walsh and is still in operation. The Press publishes short poems.


March 2006

Hummingbird Press


Dawn sifts through the night,
Gently robins awaken
To sing, one by one.


Spring 2006

Blue Line, Potsdam College, Potsdam, NY 13676

You Must Go Out

The Burnt-out Ends


Blue Line is published by SUNY Potsdam NY. They placed two of my favorite poems…





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