Mushroom Identity on Cape Cod MA

We are in mid-summer, the weather has been clear and on the cool side and the traffic has increased with summer visitors. I noticed today mushrooms growing in our yard. Wildlife are frequently discovered, an Eastern Box  turtle, a large (14″) snapping turtle were rescued from certain death as they tried to cross the street. Crows are the prevalent bird, they seem to be brooding in the conservation area near our house, and constantly calling to each other. Anyway, if you can identify these mushrooms, let me know what they are, they just popped up… purple white Pink orange


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2 Responses to Mushroom Identity on Cape Cod MA

  1. Judith Ward says:

    Don’t eat the white one! Wish I knew the names of them all, but none of ’em, look appetizing; fun to look at. though.

  2. Serge says:

    The one on the left looks like “trompette de la mort” – a delicacy popular in France. Google it to make sure it is the one.

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