The small body of water in front of you was once an active motion, the quarrymen’s term for a small quarry. A motion was generally worked by two men who used drills and hammers to produce the rectangular blocks called paving stones that were used for surfacing streets and public spaces.

Behind the motion is the foundation of a coal-burning power plant that generated steam to run the drills and derricks, and behind that the remains of a railroad embankment. In 1910, the quarry’s owner, the Rockport Granite Company, purchased a steam engine and named it “Nella”. It hauled granite from the quarry site to the wharf at nearby Folly Cove where the stone was loaded onto specially designed sloops that carried it to markets all over the hemisphere.

definition from the:
Halibut Point State Park, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation brochure – 1999
Babson Farm Quarry Self-guided Walking Tour

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