Blind Hummingbird and Seeing-eye Moth

Blind Hummingbird
Followed Moth
As if tied by a string
But it was the fluttering sound
That kept the bird following.

Moth was a Cecropia
With giant eye-like wings
Bird was a Ruby Throat
With emerald green back and tail
That glistened in the morning sun
As behind Moth he trailed.

They flew to beds of clover,
Gardens of roses it seemed
Would call to them,
“Come this way”
Like they were in some dream.

At dusk Moth would find a tree
For Bird to roost all night
Then blend into the knotted trunk,
Invisible to hungry eyes.

In rain they would stay very close,
Trying to keep dry,
Bird would extend one tiny wing
Over Moth’s giant faking eyes.

One day a gust came up
And tossed Moth ‘round and ‘round
And threw him into a wall of stone,
His scales were all that could be found.

Bird didn’t know what to do,
He flew in circles for a time
Then tired, he dropped upon a bench

And lay there, it was mine.
I saw him there, breathing slow,
Not panting as they do
I picked him up and took him home,
I fed him honeydew.

He perked up soon after that,
I put him in a cage.
He learned where the boundaries were
And there he perched each day.

Sometimes I would take him out
Tied upon a string
He would then fly about,
All the while humming.

Sometimes I pulled him close to me
And put him on my thumb
To watch him preen his green wings
Shining in the sun.

He seems to enjoy his new home
He doesn’t really chirp or sing
Sometimes I watch him all alone
As he extends his wing
Feeling for his insect friend
To keep him dry, once again.


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