Dark Inside

I felt the cold
I felt the breeze
I saw the welling
Of the seas

And the crash as
The water mounds
Splashed the sand,
Leaving with a hissing sound.

In the cold and alone
Like the ocean,
Like the foam
Like the seaweed as it floats.

What was the difference
Between it and me
I felt the same relentless pulse,
Within, inside, and now without.

It was a chill pulse,
It was also gray
Like an evening with no day
Ever seething, ever cast
In shrouds of sea fog
Like a mask.

Was there a difference,
I asked a gull
And then a tern,
And then a shattered sailboat hull.

The gull and tern just glided by
The shattered hull, gaping wide
Just stared at me, drooling tide
The jagged hole
Showing only dark inside.

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