Living with Uncertainty

Inspired by Comfortable with Uncertainty by Pema Chodron

A wily fish, hooked
When I felt the tug and pull,
Then slack upon the pole,
For hours and then minutes,
Then jerked taut, to the limit,
A lull next, as if no hook were in it,
Then pulled again, rod bending
To the center of the Earth.

When the future is not predicted,
Which way to point the bow?

How had I missed these random gusts
That tossed North and then South
Then spun around to East, then West
And then the calm, and then some rest.

Uncertain gives an edge,
A sharpness to the day, a wedge
Between a day of dull and one of spark,
A day to tremble, a day to show
That to be alive is not to know
Every tick or tock’s intent.

Uncertainty is
Certain as the crashing sea,
Again, again,
Slipping up and through the sand,
Uncertainty, take my hand.


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