Evening’s Sultry Dream

Clouds outlined a malevolent face
With boxer’s nose and scowling mouth
That shifted left as winds blew south,
A lipless head can no more pout.

Heat lightening flickered here and there,
Blinking airplanes skipped through the air
Between clear spaces in the sky
And then faded behind a drifting eye.

A shadow world just barely seen
But quiet now, somewhat serene,
So tidy, helpless in the haze,
Careening now into the day.

My shadow blends into the rest
My skin is swarming like a nest
Of tiny black specks or mites
As I am covered by the night.

Lungs fill up, then from my mouth
Spills the humid coolish air that╒s out
In this evening’s sultry dream,
Darkened treetops reach out to me.

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