Blind Hummingbird Escapes

One day I came to see
That the Bird had escaped from me
He had pecked and pecked
And pecked and pecked
The tiny latch on his door
That soon broke off,
And fell right to the floor.

He poked it open
Then took flight
Bumping the ceiling and a light
Until he felt a slight breeze,
Aimed for the window
Then gripped the screen.

He pulled and twisted the tiny wires
Until he made a hole his size
And flew out to ride
the free and windy skies.

The summer sun was warm to him
So up toward it he chose to fly
Humming and swooping from side to side
Until he tired and then heard leaves
Rustling, tossing, chattering, nearby.

Again he aimed his tiny beak
Soon finding himself amidst the tree
And after a few flaps and falls,
Grabbed a tiny branch to halt
His freedom flight
He stood still now to take in it all.

He enjoyed the sun and preened himself
And swayed side to side
With the top most leaves
As they slowly moved with the breeze.

Then he heard a voice from far below.
“Bird where are you, where did you go?”

His adventure over, he left the twig
And buzzed on down to where the sound
Of my voice could now be found.

I saw him coming and kept up the chat
“Where were you now, why did you do that?”
I clapped my hand, he aimed for it
And soon upon my finger he had come to sit.

He seemed more relaxed
Maybe even smiling now
As he gripped me tightly to let me know
He was glad to be home
But it was also fun to go!


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