I Sat Cross-legged

I sat cross-legged in the bath
Across from me there was an asp
With scaly coils beneath the foam
And shiny head perched upon
That neck-as-body, with a tongue
That darted out this way and that
Between the words, his steamy chat:

“I am not as bad as some would think,
I reveal choice beyond the brink
To assure that the expansive world
Becomes well known for all its worth.”

“So it is that persons may choose
To perform the strange or the cruel
Or twist a way that seems un-ruled.”

“I am not as bad as some would believe
Though for some the strain then leaves
The chooser limp or drained,
But they will no more be gray or staid,
But more a wonder, more alive
Come on closer, look in my eyes.”

The bath was cooling, I watched the tongue,
I watched the head sway like a frond
I reached for the towel, then he was gone.

2 Responses to I Sat Cross-legged

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  2. Interesting poem and nice shot of Connecticut coast which I never imagined to look like that.

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