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Moods on a Rainy Day

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I took the photo below at Haro Straits, which separates the San Juan Islands in Washington State from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The grey striations of the clouds mimicked the mist covered low lying islands of Vancouver and … Continue reading

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Travel Poems: New York City !!

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New York City is unique and traveling in and out on the train brings a rattle and shake to poetic moments. Poems include “Emergeance” from the dark train tunnel, “Mice Before Cats Crossing” is a comic look at crossing the … Continue reading

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Cubes, Squares and Padded Rooms – Cubicle Life –

Share some comments or poems of your life among the “cubes”. Enjoy a few poems about these padded cages  includes “Alien Concepts” which considers the unworldly nature of the cube world, “All the News” considers movements about the office for … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Real !! Who are these people ?!

Ani Pema Chodrun (photo from Gampo Abbey web site) is the principal teacher at the Tibetan Buddhist Gampo Abbey in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Per her web site: Ani Pema Chödrön was born Deirdre Blomfield-Brown in 1936, in New York City. … Continue reading

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Unique Indie or Indie-ish Musicians

You may or many not have heard of these musicians. If not, I suggest you listen to them. These are singer songwriters that have found a permanent and repeating place in my musical universe. They are poetic, poignant and sometimes … Continue reading

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Selected Graphic Novelists

Previous posts were non-fiction, here are some pure fiction, some semi-autobiographical. Check them out! Gary Panter Gary Panter is a fine graphic artist, go to his web site to see it all. A veteran of the groundbreaking compilation of graphic … Continue reading

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Great Graphic Non-Fiction Biographies

Continuing the theme of Graphic Non-Fiction, I offer for your consideration 5 books with 4 subjects. Let’s start with Franz Kafka (b. 1883)! Fun times. A great read is R. Crumb’s Kafka, text by David Zane Mairowitz – 1993 Publisher’s Group … Continue reading

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